Thursday, March 06, 2008

I'm slowly catching my breath

This week has been filled with Kindy Duty (all day), afternoon reading in Kloe's classroom, sports carnival (M &Z) sick kids, gardening, cleaning and a tiny bit of creating!

The last few weeks have past by and it has been just a BLUR! Yesterday was the first day I seemed to catch my breath. All the kids were well and at school and Kindy. The house was quite and I got stuck into catching up and cleaning out. I planned on doing the same today.........never plan anything around here because it doesn't work. Kloe was up during the night with Croup. The poor little darlin' just can't seem to get on top of this sickness at the moment. She has had 6 days off school already this term. And she has been SICK! So we now have more antibiotics (this is the third lot) So fingers crossed she will get better. She seems to come good for a few days and then go back to school (with all the germs) and then she goes down hill.

Some pages from the last few weeks

And these little Noddles boxes were whipped up inbetween cooking dinner last night (I kid you not!) I bought a pack of 5 noddle boxes for $2.95. A pack of easter eggs for $2.95, used some scrap paper and ribbon and for under $2 they make the perfect pressies for the teachers for Easter. Jarred wanted to take them to his teachers today. So for the next two weeks, he will be asking "is it Easter yet?"

This weekend is a long weekend. Which I'm really looking forward to. We have more work to do in the garden. It is slowly coming along. We have Chris's cricket presentation on Sunday and both Kayla and Zac are having friends stay over.
Oh and I almost forgot to say, after a very long delay, Kayla's chicken has started laying eggs. She kept threatening it, she told it she was going to take it to KFC. Poor chicken. It has layed two eggs and they are very odd shapes.

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Brian Bailey said...

Sorry to hear the kids have been sick, And poor Kloe Tell her that I am thinking of her. I hope she is reading lots of books, I enjoyed each night with Kloe reading to me.

It's about time all the chock's were laying there should be no shortage of eggs now.

Were the older ones doing Athletics or more Swimming?