Saturday, March 29, 2008

It's been a while.......

We are now home. There is dust everywhere, and I mean everywhere. I think I will be cleaning dust off everything for the next few months. The floor is a different colour and has a very glossy finish, which I am getting used too. Chris loves the natural timber colours, me....well lets just say, I really loved the old floor. Hopefully it will grow on me, because I don't have a choice. The house still stinks, the coating they use on the floor is so strong. It has turned really cold and wet here, so we have had, the heater on with the windows and doors open, trying to get rid of the smell. It is suffocating. We are still in a totally mess. We have stuff everywhere because we haven't been able to move furniture back into the house yet. Hopefully we will get a chance tomorrow in between showers. Chris has gone to play Paintball today, as part of a 'team bonding' session with work (Well that's what they tell us!) I must say I wasn't too happy with the timing of it. I really want to get the furniture back into the house and try and get back to normal. Tomorrow - hopefully!!!!

Some pictures of the floor in progress.

Oma and Opa sent the kids some money for Easter. We went shopping and they all bought chocolate.

Yes, Miss Kayla is missing. She is going through a stage of refusing to have her photo taken. Blame her not me!!

Good Friday. Chris took the kids to the park, while Kayla and I watched a movie. It was nice to have Austar. That evening we went over to a guy from Chris's works, house for dinner. I was breathalysed on the way there, the kids thought it was so funny. Sam didn't tell anyone it was his birthday. He supplied fish and chips for everyone. He is a young guy and went a bit crazy buying lots of yummy 'junk' food for the kids. They were all on 'sugar' highs. It was a really nice night.

Easter Saturday Tradition - Painting Hard boiled eggs. Jarred and Kloe had so much fun painting eggs. Apparently Kayla and Zac are too old for this tradition now! I'm not, I just love doing this as much as the kids. That afternoon we went for a walk to the Botanical Gardens. We walked around the gardens and the kids had a play on the playground.

Lucky Kloe, look what she found in the yard of the apartment where we were staying.

Easter morning. The easter bunny found us. He left a trail of eggs all over the apartment and out in the yard. Kloe was thrilled the bunny took her card she made. The kids had a great time finding all the eggs. Even Zac joined in the fun. Kayla, was trying to drag herself out of bed and I was told "Don't you dare take photo's of me" The kids ate chocolate all day long. It's the only day they are allowed too. They eventually realise they don't feel too good and need some proper food.

Sunday night we went over to our neighbour Steve and Chrissy's house for a BBQ. It was really funny having to drive over there. We normally just walk across the paddock. Another great night of yummy food and laughs.

Monday we went to the park and the kids had a great time playing.

Almost caught up..........more next time. I have dust to deal with!

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countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

I've been thinking of you Mel while your floor was being done. Big job - can I see the finished colour? Did your insurance pay for the alternate accommodation, they should have. Sounds like Easter was a fun time for your family - how cute are your kids with their eggs.
Good luck getting all the dust cleaned off everything, I can only imagine what it's like. YUCK. Can you pay the kids to do it? LOL.
Love H.