Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Been busy

I have been painting. And no, not on scrapbook pages LOL!!! When we bought our house, it was fairly new and the outside has never been painted. We have 20 gal steel posts on our verandah out the front (more on the back) and the other day we decided it was time to do something about them. I have washed down and sanded all the posts. Primed them and about half, have one coat on them. I ran out of paint. I need to buy some more paint and I have to wait for the weather to cool down a little bit. Now, that makes a big change doesn't it??? We are expecting 39 degrees here today. Then I will be back into it. It makes a huge difference and I am very happy with the results.

And another page


Wendy Smith said...

gorgeous boy LO...love the stars..

We are expecting a hot one here too in Tassie of all places...keep out of the heat wont you

Brian Bailey said...

Ahrr Jaffa I remember him well... look great Floss.

Just remember what heat and outdoor activity can do!!!