Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have been painting

or should I say..............attempting to paint. I am forever whinging about it being cold here. Try and paint and the weather decides not to cooperate. It has been hot and windy. Not the best conditions for painting outside. It has been start stop, all week. Yesterday was the best day and we got a lot done. We still have so much more to do. We bought this house from a young couple, who decided to save some money and do the painting themselves. They ran out of steam LOL!!!The outside was never painted. It has only taken us almost two years to get around to it.

Out the back - you can see the raw timber under the gutter and the gal post.

The painting begins - out the front. The timber work and gal posts are now painted to match the corner feature bricks.

And when we get bored - we have all the timber work under the verandas to keep busy with. We are both liking the 'raw' look more and more LOL!!!

- 20 Gal posts out the front have been washed down, sanded, primed and painted twice.
- Timber work has been washed down, sanded, primed and one coat. Second coat was due to go on today, but we had really strong winds and dust storms.

And that is just the front - thankfully we don't have as much veranda out the back.
Chris will be begging to go back to work for a holiday - Real soon!!!

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