Monday, January 19, 2009

A busy few days

Our two big babies are home. Three weeks is a very long time. We missed them and they missed us. They had a wonderful time in Sydney. Thank you to everyone, for having them. It's very much appreciated. It's nice to have them home. The music is blaring again, the bathroom is messy, there is no juice in the fridge, apparently there is no food in the house (Zac asked me when I was going shopping, within 5 minutes of coming home LOL!!!) Our house just wasn't right without them!!

Yesterday was my birthday. Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes, cards, emails and presents. Kayla and Zac bought me the lovely 'I Love you'. They went out and bought it especially for me, while they were away. I felt very special.

And here I am - in my very finest clothes LOL!!! They are my oldest, daggiest ones. We had just finished doing some painting out side. Yes, yes on my birthday - my choice. It has to be done!! I wasn't allowed to get changed!!

And tonight we had another cake for Miss Klo - we promised her, we would have another cake for her when Kayla and Zac got home. Kayla made a chocolate and vanilla swirl cake with chocolate icing and fairy dust.

And a kiss for hitting the bottom!!

Chris has heaps of things coming in from the garden. Zucchinis, onions, garlic, lettuce, peas, carrots and potatoes. We even had our first cherries.
Zucchini Cake - Baked today


The best carrots we have ever tasted.
*** Warning ** Image may offend!!
And a little boy carrot, that got us all laughing!!!


Brian Bailey said...

Hope you had a wonderful day Love

marijana said...


and that carrot is ...well so funny :)

Rachael said...

Many happy returns yet again... seems cake is popular in your house LOL.

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

PMSL at that carrot, good one.
Lovely things from your garden as usual - can you come and get mine going like that please? I'm useless I tell ya!
Glad your big babies are home safe and sound.
Good luck with all that painting, horrible job isn't it ... but I do actually like the raw timber under the verandah, seriously. A coat of oil would keep it in good nick, not as fiddly as painting either.