Wednesday, October 31, 2007

11 Today

Today is Zac's 11th Birthday. He was up early but had to wait for the others to wake up. He got clothes, pj's, a kite, Simpson Magazine Subscription and a Remote Control Meccano Car which he has to build and lots of money.

Opening Presents
Simpson's Problem Child PJ's - Perfect for Zac
The smile said it all - opening the remote control car
Mum.......NO MORE
There were lots of phone calls
Starting to build before school
Ready for School. This year was the first year he decided he was too old to take a cake to school. A bit sad really, just goes to show he is growing up.
And he even co-operated for a few minutes this afternoon. He wasn't too happy about having to comb his hair.
Happy Birthday My Big Boy.


Rachael said...

a huge happy birthday from the Merrick Clan Zac!!!!!!!
Hope you enjoyed your day and ate lots of yummy cake :)

Brian Bailey said...

Hey big fella happy birthday. from the pictures you had a good time, i wish i could have been with you. still the time will go quickly enough till I'm there with you.