Monday, October 22, 2007

46 not OUT

46 not out was not enought to win the game. Chris' team went into bat first. He was first drop. He hung around. Saw alot of partners get out. A good solid game on a warm day. Yes, warm!!! All the guys were complaining it was so hot. I sat in the sun the whole afternoon. It was wonderful. His team ended up with 6/162. The other team needed 5 an over. The fielding performance was very bad and lost them the game. Chris was really disappointed, it was a game they should have won!!

And a few pages from DIVA'S Pink ribbon Cyber Crop. Which was held over the weekend. All very pink.

Have a great week.


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

Absolutely gorgeous pages

shame about the cricket, but the pics will look fab on a LO

Brian Bailey said...

Looks like Chris is leading the Batting ave already.
Lo look good Melleny.