Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Long time

it's been a while........

The fence is all finished. And it is so much better.

Chris started cricket two weeks ago. The first week he scored 5 and they lost. Last weekend he scored 37 and got two wickets. He was also named man of the match. He was most impressed, but starting to feel a bit old. He is the oldest in his team by 8 years. The body is also starting to feel a bit out of condition.

Kloe has started Gymnastics on a Tuesday afternoon. She had lots of fun but was exhausted after it.

Zac starts Tee ball every Thursday, from this week.

Jarred is wonderful, as always.

Micaela hurt her finger yesterday playing volleyball at school. We spent a few hours at the hospital last night. Only to be told, they couldn't xray it until today. They strapped it for her and told her to take some panadol. We were back at the hospital today. Didn't have to wait, we were called straight in. Our neighbour is the radiographer. Jarred got to take the pictures, he thought that was so cool. Steve told us straight away it was broken and probably had torn the tendens. We then had to go back and see the doctor........where we waited for over two hours. Argh!!!! They were waiting on the results. Strapped her back up and sent us home. No sport or music for at least 4 weeks.

And me....I'm good. Someone has pressed the fast forward button on my life. And it has gotten very busy. Or is that the taxi service that runs back and forwards several times daily???? LOL

Enjoy your week.


Rachael said...

I miss you on Divas!!! Was wondering where you were LOL.

Hugs to Miss M on the finger - ouch!!!

Brian Bailey said...

Seems to me I remember someone who broke there finger the first time they played netball.....

No not let the finger stop you Grandbaby.

Chris needs Wade there to train him, Wade is the Fittness adviser for Bob Simpson at the Parramatta cricket club in Sydney.