Monday, October 29, 2007

What's been happening????

Zac lost Tee Ball on Thursday by 2 runs. He was not happy as he was run out by one of his own team members.

Friday night he had three friends over for a sleep over party for his birthday. The boys were really good. Just had to be told to be quite early hours of the morning. Zac then went to his friend Jack's house. Micalea had a friend over to stay.

Chris and I planted some more veggies. We now have lettuce, tomato's, herbs, onions, potato's, cucumbers, zuchines, watermelon, rockmelon and broccoli growing. (mmmm...think that's all!)

Chris went off to cricket and I went to a friends Linen Party. I got to cricket about 4.30. Chris had just got out for 106. I was so disappointed.....I missed it. It is a two day game. His team scored over 300. The other team bats next week.

Other news......I had another page accepted to be published in Scrapbooking Memories. It is of Jarred learning to sew. Must say it wasn't as exciting as the first time!!!

Have a great week.

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Brian Bailey said...

Well done Chris, you sure sounded excited last night on the phone. Have a great week talk soon