Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Cadet Ams

This morning I dropped Kayla at school in her sports uniform. This is the Cadet, I picked up from school this afternoon. Cadets is compulsory for Years 9 and 10. It was so funny to see my girly girl, all dressed up like this. She said it was hard work but she really enjoyed it. Today they did a lot of water safety activities.
It's a PINK ONE!!!! My gorgeous friend Michelle and her partner Andrew had a little baby girl this afternoon. I am an AUNTY - well not officially, but my children have always know Mish, as Aunty Mish. I just wish, I was a bit closer to give this little one lots of cuddles and to help her very special mummy out.
I have been creating but unfortunately nothing I can share just yet.
Have a great weekend


Sonia said...

Wow it must make you realise how quickly they grow up when you see them in a uniform! Sounds like lots of good news all around. I hope all is well with the new baby and her mum. Congratulations!!!

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

OMG look at your darling big girl. She still looks gorgeous in fatigues though. What a great idea for the kids though.

Brian Bailey said...

Gee I'm sorry I missed Kayla coming home like that.

Hope you are good and not to sore after the Op.