Friday, February 06, 2009

Never a dull moment

*** All is fine ***

Yesterday I received a phone call, that you never want to get. Zac left for an overnight orientation camp with school. The school rang about 11am to say that the bus was involved in an accident, non of the students were seriously hurt, but were shaken and bruised. My heart sank, I was covered in goose bumps - I was told all the relevant authorities were on the scene and there was no need to panic, they were ok. A young 'P' plate driver tried to do a U turn in front of the bus and the bus tried to avoid it and couldn't - slammed straight into the car. The kids couldn't get out of the bus. Emergency services took 1/2 hour to get the guy out of the car - he was flown to Melb from the scene. They then, got all the kids out of the bus via the emergency exit. They had to wait for another bus to bring them back to town. As the afternoon went on we found out more information about the driver of the car that was involved in the accident. He was a local who Kayla knew and his brother plays in Chris's cricket team. Unfortunately things don't look good for him. They are praising the bus driver, for his efforts in keeping the children safe. The police were amazed the bus hadn't rolled - I don't want to even think about that.

They canceled the camp and all the students were returned to school at 2pm. All I wanted, was to see my boy and know he was ok. He is fine and didn't know what all the fuss was about (that's Zac!!)

The school is having a counseling session for the students today, followed by some fun activities. Zac doesn't say a lot but he was definitely affected by this.

Give your kids an extra special hug tonight, tomorrow and always - because you just never know, what might happen.


Kerryn said...

Wow what a nightmare. How fortunate all the children on the bus are OK. I hope the young car driver pulls through OK too.

Brian Bailey said...

Glade to hear that Zac is ok. Next weekend he will get a trip away if we can get out of Cairns. Maybe 24 hours time will have to just keep sitting here bored waiting,waiting!!!!!
We should have been down near the border by now.....

Kirsty said...

OMGosh...totally a phone call you never want to get. I am glad he is okay, I hope that the counselling also helps if he needs it.

Judy said...

So glad Zac is ok and more importantly Mom is ok. Sure do love your blog and your work is fantastic. I am going to scraplift a lot.

Thanks for the fun each day.

Judy in Fernandina Beach, FL