Thursday, February 26, 2009

Missing in Action

I am back - well sort of!! For those that don't know, I had surgery on Monday for really bad varicose veins, it was something I put off for a long time and they got so bad, I had no choice but to get them fixed.

All went well and I am slowly getting around. I am wrapped up from groin to toes on both legs, until late Monday. I look like a waddling penguin -can't bend at the knees. I have to get up every hour for 5 minutes. It takes me that long to get to the toilet LOL!

My family have been wonderful. I am not used to sitting back and letting them do everything for me. I could get used to it!!!


kathie said...

That sounds uncomfortable Mellany! I hope you see a great improvement once the bandages come off.

Hetty Hall said...

So sorry Mel I didn't realize, glad to hear though things are improving. Hope you are hopping and skipping again soon.
Hugs xx