Monday, December 15, 2008

3 Angels Christmas Projects

This week at 3AS the lovely Jo and Rosy, sent me some Cosmo Cricket PP and some Studio D tiny Alpha stamps, to have a little play with. I made some bon bons, using the PP and made little name tags with the stamps.

I also picked up these clear plastic baubles, added a little bit of decoration and you have nice keepsake from '08. (Apologises for the bad photo, it has been raining for a few days)

We had a busy weekend. We went to Warnambool on Saturday to do some shopping. It was pouring with rain, not the best day, to be in and out of the car. I got supplies for Kloe's birthday party next month, picked up some fabric from Spotlight. Chris got new shoes, Jarred and Kloe spent their Christmas money from Nan. Saturday night Chris and I went out alone - Kayla's friend Demi came over and the girls looked after everyone. We went to our neighbours house to celebrate Chrissie's 50th Birthday. It was a great trial run for us and the kids. They had their own party and didn't miss us one little bit. We arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning - way past my bedtime. It was a great night - I laughed so much I was crying. Our neighbours are always very entertaining.
Yesterday cricket and the cricket Christmas party were canceled due to the rain. Kloe had her friend, Willow's birthday party in the afternoon.
Last week of school/kindy this week. Lots of parties and activities going on - It will be a busy one.
Have a great week


countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

What gorgeous creations - those bon bons look very beautiful, way better than shop bought ones for sure. And do those baubles come apart in the centre? I was looking for them and couldn't find them at spotlight the other w/end. They look wonderful, great keepsake idea.

Brian Bailey said...

Party Animal.