Monday, December 29, 2008

Another one over

Christmas has come and gone again. They are coming and going, so much faster. Kloe was awake at 5.40am - she was so excited - this kid is never awake at that time - NEVER!!!! She jumped into bed with us, until 6.30, she just couldn't wait any longer. She went and woke Jarred up and they went and woke Kayla and Zac up. Then it was onto the presents...................

And this one got there attention - especially Kayla's, look at her face
A photo of all of us before lunch
And guess how we spent our Christmas day?

We sang and danced, play cricket, ate too much and drank too much. Yes, even the kids - they were on a sugar high, from all the punch LOL!!! We had a wonderful day together having lots of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Mel, Looks like a wonderful day ta your house.

Have a great new years and we will talk to you soon