Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a blur

Wow!! Where has this week gone? It has just been a constant blur of activity. Keeping up with 4 children's activities at this time of the year, is hard work. I remember saying the same thing last year LOL! We are on the downhill run now. We only have a few more planned events to go to and then we can all relax and enjoy the festive season.

Monday - Excursion to the Gardens with Kloe's class. We went on a treasure hunt
The lovely peacock that was putting on a show for us
Our little fairy princess is having a party. I quickly whipped these up for her friends.
She is having a Fairy Tea party on her birthday.

Wednesday we made these for Jarred and Kloe's kindy/school parties. Jarred had a great time helping me

Wednesday night we went to Zac's award presentation night.
Here we are before we left. Very rare event having a photo of the two of us.

Very proud of this boy. He received an Outstanding Achievement Award. He has done extremely well again this year and his report reflected this. He loves maths and is working at a level well above his year.

Receiving his Graduation Certificate for Year 6

Yes, yes..............I was a total embarrassment (again!!) There was a huge auditorium filled with people and I was one of the very few, that was taking photos. I told Zac, that I want to remember these special achievements.

Yesterday Jarred had his kindy graduation/concert/party. Photos still to come.


Brian Bailey said...

Looks like it is still cold there.... wearing jumpers? it is hot and humid here LOL.

Love your work Zac keep it up.

I'm off to a do tonight with heaps of dignitaries at Palm Cove, hob knobbing again...LOL

kathie said...

Wow you have been busy. And so many blog posts too. Where have you found the time, lol?

Cogratulations Zac. Well done!

Rachael said...

I second Brian - awful weather up here.

Well done Zac - yay!!! And even though mum is embarrassing you now, your future wife, children and self will appreciate each and every moment captured by the lens.

I hope you get a chance to finally slow down and enjoy the last few days before the big man arrives :)

countryscrapper - aka - Helen said...

Embarassing now, yes, but an important moment deserving of being captured on film. And what a lovely pic of a handsome young man with his beautiful Mum, very special. Well done on your award, Zac, congratulations.