Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Our little girl the artist

Kloe entered a picture in the calendar competition, for Chris's work. Guess what??? Chris brought home a special pack for her last night. It contained a calendar, with her picture on January - Don't waste water

She also won an art pack. She was very excited and of course wanted to start drawing and painting straight away.

Yesterday afternoon I got a lovely surprise. Zac walked out of school with a bunch of flowers. I have been working, on pictures for the yearbook and also a slideshow for the presentation night. This was just a little thank you from his teacher.

And another of Miss Kloe earlier in the afternoon, writing all of her Christmas cards for her friends.

The Reindeer Poo was a huge hit. The boy who received this interesting present, told Kayla that is was the best Christmas presents he had ever received. Apparently he laughed and laughed. He also told her, he would continue to laugh about it for a long time.
So, now Zac has to do a Secret Santa for a boy at school and guess what he wants to give??? Yep, you guessed it Reindeer POO!!!! Looks like I will be whipping up another one.
DIVAS December Cyber Crop is on this weekend. It's a Christmas Theme CC - here is a little sneek of my challenge. Great prizes and we have a few guest DT's to help out, would love to see you there.

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