Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And some pic's to share

Opening Birthday Presents

Happy Birthday Dad

Would you kiss this?????? Can you see where Zac gets the face pulling from???

Father's Day Morning

On Fathers Day we went to the Rotary Market Day. Jarred and Kloe both got their faces painted and Kloe spent her money from the tooth fairy.

Jarred and Kloe learning to sew. Jarred was going along great, until he got himself with the needle. They are sewing felt hearts.

And our exciting news............we have babies!!!! After a lot of trouble with our birds, we have two little babies this morning. Micaela is beside herself, jumping around squealing. I'm pretty excited too. They are so ugly but so cute!!! Fingers crossed they survive.

Micaela is looking after our neighbours three horses at the moment. She is having to get up really early and brave the frost outside to go and feed the horses. She is trying to prove to us she is responsible enough to have one of her own. We know she is responsible but just don't know how long the interest will last!! This is a good test.

Have a great day.


Joyce said...

absolutely gorgeous pics! I am sooo jealous that you had THE cake and didnt send me any!

Which teeth did Kloe lose?Miss Tarni has lost her bottom two.

Hugs and kisses to all

Rachael said...

great photos chickadee!!!! I had to giggle and the sewing injuries and Miss M's horse wrangling!