Friday, September 21, 2007

Trees, trees and more trees

I've been a bad blogger this week!!! Have you missed me?????

Yay!!! School more packed lunches for two weeks.

This afternoon we went and picked up our 500 trees. We have 5 different varities. Large, Medium and small. Chris, Jarred and I got to work. We managed to plant about 30 before it decided to rain on us. We didn't get alot of rain, but enough to stop our planting. It was to cold to stay out in the rain. Once the rain cleared we had to cart buckets of water, to water our little trees in.

Tomorrow inbetween taking kids to friends and shops, we will continue with our planting. As most of you know, this is something that we have planned since we moved into this house. We had a lots of prepartion work to do and then we had to wait until it was the right time to plant. It is so wonderful to actually start the 'doing'.

Footy on tonight, Chris has gone over to our neighbours to watch the game. They are all mad Maggie Supporter, so it will be very noisy. We are planning on watching a movie, in peace. Eating sticky date pudding and icecream. Yum!

A few pages from the week. Don't you love the pic of Micaela, it was a self portrait. I love it.

Have a great weekend. We will be having a Treeiffic one!!! LOL!!


Rachael said...

A-planting we will go, A-planting we will go.... come on whistle the tune!!! HEHEHEH Not envious of you this weekend but still, should make a HUGE difference to the look of the place. And YES!!! I HAVE MISSED YOU!!!!


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

fab fab fab pages, enjoy the planting...we watched the game too, great game!