Wednesday, September 26, 2007


What you ask?

I got accepted.

Accepted to be published in 'For Keeps' scrapbook magazine.

I was accepted to be published earlier this year. I missed the deadline because of our move. I got the message about two weeks, too late. I was so happy to be accepted, but so sad because I missed out. I tried a few times after that and got rejected, so I stopped submitting. I hated the rejection letters that came back. The other day I thought 'what the heck' and sent a few pages in. And last night when I checked my mail there it was 'Congratulations you have been accepted to be published' I did the happy dance, all with strange looks from the kids (Chris was at cricket training) they just don't get it!!!

The page is of Kloe and Anzac for their 'Pets issue' it is a real simple page, the photo is so cute. It is not one of my favourite pages, it's OK. Just goes to show what you think is good, is not what they do. So for now I will do the happy dance and wait the few months for it to come out.

And in other news. I have been planting....... still. I put two standard roses in yesterday and six camelia's. It was a beautiful day. Today is back to normal, overcast and rain. We were planning on going to the park today. I think it will be an inside craft/movie day. Tomorrow we are off to see a stage production of 'Cinderella'. We are all looking forward to that. And hopefully they will do the other fencing tomorrow. They were suppose to be here on Tuesday, but have been delayed on another job. So fingers crossed it will be tomorrow. Can not wait. We will not have to walk all the way around to the veggie garden and we won't have to look at a horrible fence anymore.

Enjoy the rest of the week.


Inspire_Me said...

I am so proud of you!! COngratulations!

enjoy the rest of the holidays...then come up here and help me fix my garden hehe


Anonymous said...

Well done Floss, keep trying with the mag all the rejection is a no it will not harm you, keep it up

Brian said...

I thought I would let you know some of the people I have been driving over the last few weeks.
Ian Moss, and he gave me a copy of his latest CD.
Saturday was Jody Foster, here to do a kids movie.
Lots of the cast from Pacific, they come and go as needed.
I have also been moving some of the cast from Sea Patrol, the first part of the new series was shoot two weeks ago and they are about to do part 2.

Rachael said...

See? Told you so!!! OMG doing the happy dance for you. Which no FK is it? I'll have to get it!!! Keep up the submitting and they'll make you famous!!!