Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy Friday to YOU!!

Just a few pages I have done this week. The froggy ones where thanks to Rach at Diva's for her online class. It was lots of fun. Still trying to work my way through the years. Some days it feels like such a huge task, but I'm getting there.
All is well in the Ams household today. We had rain overnight so the tank is full. The sun is shinning, well at the moment. We are suppose to have showers again today. But that is OK. We planted heaps of plants last weekend so it's ok for the rain to water them. So much easier than carting grey water.
The baby birds are all growing very quickly. One fell out of the nest earlier in the week. Micaela popped it back in. Hopefully it didn't do any damage. I'm sure we will soon see.
The cows are coming home..........Farmer Bruce is bring the eight girls over again on the weekend. The kids are so excited, they love the cows. So it will be 2 dogs, 6 birds, 1 horse and eight cows. I will be very happy as the grass in the paddocks is knee high. Cow Heaven!!! Still waiting on the chooks and lambs.
Have a great weekend.

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Joyce said...

gorgeous pages!

glad all is well