Monday, September 24, 2007

Tired, Sore.....but very Happy

It's been a very busy weekend. We are both walking like cowboys. The kids are laughing at us. Our legs our so sore. But I'm happy to report we are DONE. We started about 8.30am Saturday and stopped when we run out of light about 7.10pm. We did the majority of planting on Saturday. Finished off the rest on Sunday and watered. The watering was a big effort. Carting water in buckets (thanks goodness for the trailer on the ride-on)

This is 500 trees (Seedlings) believe it or not, we both had to count twice to make sure it was right. Each tray contains 40. Doesn't look a lot does it???? (Tell that to my legs!!)

And this is what it looks like. And no they aren't straight. I wanted it to look a bit more natural, not just trees in straight lines.

That's our house in the distance

And look what we came out to see on Saturday morning. Our first ever bulb, has flowered. It is an Iris and isn't it gorgeous. Chris is very proud. And we have tulips, just about to exciting. We have spent so much time in the garden and are just starting to see the results. So worth while.

And the gorgeous girls. Yes the COWS, they are so cute. They followed us around all weekend, watching us plant trees. They really like me at the moment. I cut the grass today with the catcher and gave them the grass. They were standing at the fence at me for more. They even let me pat them.

And lastly our trees look like this. Not very exciting yet. Just a whole lot of silver things in the distance. At least it makes our property line more visible now.


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

That flower is gorgeous!

Great job on the trees. Hope you are enjoying the holidays :)

Brian said...

The hard work will pay off once the trees grow and start doing there job. It may take some time but wind breaks and the increase in the bird life and protection they will give will be worth the short term pain.

Kath and Drew said...

Well done you 2. I'm sure the dencorub got a good hit. Did the spa help at all? It will look fantastic in the long run