Monday, September 17, 2007

Busy, Busy.... creating

It has been a very busy weekend. Kloe had a bee in her bonnet on Saturday and she wanted to 'create'. She had got all of her craft books out on Friday night and planned what she was going to do. First on the list was caterpillars. She spent the whole day Saturday making things. Of course Jarred couldn't miss out.

I saw this cool slip cover cubby house on a blog the other day and had to give it ago. I quickly sewed it up on Saturday afternoon. I wasn't allowed to finish it, as soon as I tried it on the table, I had two little ones inside playing. I don't think they cared that the threads had to be cut or it had to be ironed. I would like to add a window and some detail on it. They decided to sleep in it on Saturday night, so I guess it was a hit.

We had someone come and spray all the weeds and grass around the outside of our property on Saturday. Ready for us to plant 500 trees next weekend. Yes, you read right 500. Bruce brought the eight cows over, they are in cow heaven with all the green grass.

On Satruday night Chris and I went out together for the first time together in about a year (you know....alone, without any kids)

And yesterday we were working on a outdoor cubby for the kids. We have all this black plastic piping that was here when we bought the house. Chris had this wonderful idea, he would make a round base with a pointed top, like a teepee It was cold, rainy and blowing a gale. We built the base in the shed and just managed to get it inside for me to work on the cover. It's really big and we just fitted it through the double doors at the front. Let's just say we have a few design problems that have to be worked out.........I'm not happy with the results so far, and it will drive me crazy until we get it right. (or was that the kids driving me crazy, trying to play in it while I was trying to get the cover to work!!!) Will show you the end results.

Have a great week.


Rachael said...

oh how freaky, I only just cut up an egg carton to make caterpillars today with the boys.

OMG you too look so excited to be going out alone - hope it was enjoyable and you had SOMETHING to talk about bar the kids;)


Joyce said...

hope you had a great night out! still looks very cold!!!

hope the kids enjoyed making the caterpillars, zoe said oh not fair can you go have coffee with mel so i can play with jared :D

Donna said...

Hi all great to see that you are all enjoying the great Victorian weather!!!! Those caterpillars look so green! We hope the baby birds make it through the winter!!
Hi to all
Love Aunty Donna