Friday, September 28, 2007

Off to the Big Smoke

Today is Mum's last day here. Tomorrow we leave early, for the Big smoke to take her back to the airport. Now the other week I had this bright idea we would stay in Melbourne for the weekend and go to the Zoo. Well Mum picked a great weekend to go home. It's grandfinal you think I could find accomodation in Melbourne. Not a chance!!! So we decided, as she was flying out of Avalon (Geelong) we would have a look at what was available there. We booked ourselves into a place in Geelong. Don't know what it is going to be like, seems a bit to good to be true. Cheap accomodation for six is very, very hard to find. Anyways........Geelong made the AFL grandfinal, so we think it is going to be very loud in Geelong over the weekend. Don't think we will be getting a lot of sleep, if they win. We are still going to the Zoo. It's about 50 minute drive from Geelong. Jarred and Kloe have never been to the zoo. So they are very excited.

Cinderella was awesome. We had front row seats, so we were right in the action and name calling. Zac was called a double wart, Jarred was called a worm, the ugly stepmother pretened to vomit all over Kloe and Nanna was asked to be Mrs Charming. It was fantastic. Jarred and Kloe were up dancing. The music was the latest hits and even Micaela was singing and bopping away.
And a few things I have been making this week. Free online class and Challenge's from Diva's

Have a great weekend. Go the CATS!!! and the STORM!!!


Joyce at Salisburys Corner said...

enjoy geelong- i love the little wooden people down the esplanade!

if you get a chance drive out on the bellarine peninsula for about 20 mins you will find portarlington- that is where rick used to live!

go storm but not geelong....ok maybe cos they are better than port lol

have a safe trip!

Inspire_Me said...

PS Mel youve been tagged here

Brian Bailey said...

Turned Mexican already have we?
Your grandfather would turn in his grave ( number 3 ticket holder for Port.) I bet he will be there sitting on a cloud cheering on his beloved Port, Go the Power.
Have fun at the Zoo, I still have fond memories of the time we took you and your brothers there.
Have a look at the Ford Discovery Centre in Geelong as well I have seen pictures of it and hope to there visit soon.

Brian Bailey said...

If Nana was chosen as Mrs Charming does that mean Wade and Brendan are now Prince Charmings????